Sunday, April 27, 2008

A true artistic image gives the beholder a simultaneous experi-ence of the most complex, contradictory, sometimes even mutually exclusive feelings. It is not possible to catch the moment at which the positive goes over into its opposite, or when the negative starts moving toward the positive. Infinity is germane, inherent in the very structure of the image.

- Andrei Tarkovsky

Monday, April 21, 2008

Eventually everything will be happening
at once: nothing behind a screen unless a screen happens to be
in front. It will increasingly be a thump instead of
a bang. The thing to do is to gather up one's
ability to respond and go on at varying speeds.
Following, of course, the general outlines of the
Christian life. I myself tend to think of catching trains
more than Christianity.

Insisting on stimulating activity, though

Without a multiple loudspeaker system, all
becomes music and submissiveness. But,
fortunately, the piano is there and one can
always prepare it in a different way.
Otherwise it would become an instrument.
It is like, as
Artaud said, a disease. No avoiding. And
not having an idea about it.

The thing
to do is to keep the head alert but
empty. Things come to pass, arising
and disappearing. There can then be no
consideration of error. Things are always going



- John Cage, 1954
excerpt from 45' for a speaker.